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Dear Office Pro Dealers,

In an effort to help you manage your business and process your orders through Guild Stationers, IOA is here to help.

IOA’s Order / Accounting system is integrated with your Office Pro website, so that orders can flow right into your Order Entry / Sales Order system (IOA)

IOA has the ability to EDI (electronically order) your orders directly to Guild.

IOA provides the ability to Email Invoices and Statements to your clients individually or by batch.

IOA also provides accurate Sales and Purchase history……. and much more.

Presently Guild Stationer’s uses the IOA System for all their inventory, internal order processing and accounting needs.

The goal is to provide Office Pro dealers with a better more efficient means of communication with Guild Stationers to be able to:

Process orders more efficiently….
Save you a lot of time….
Better control… help grow your business

If you are interested in a demonstration, please call us at 1-866-256-4156 or email us at

 Jim Hollohan

CEO IOA Software

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