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Congratulations :)

Inventory & Dataset

With a complete inventory, soon you will be Ready to Roll.

Inventory & Dataset

Controlling your Inventory is critical in being able to manage what you sell on your New Web Store and then being able to manage the Web Orders as they flow into your IOA Business Management & Accounting Software Solution.

So that is where we come in.

In preparation of your new Web Store our technicians will import the inventory that you want to sell on your store, complete with pictures and prices. They also import the same selection of products and prices into the Inventory Control module within the IOA Software Program. So whether you sell an item from the Web Store or by a Telephone Order all products and prices will match. Our technicians will assist you in setting up a logical chart of accounts, as part of the dataset, which is the basis for providing information to built-in or custom management reports. Custom management reports are discussed during our Interactive GOTOMEETING Session.


Ready to Roll

It's Smart to manage the orders as they roll in with your new IOA Solution....... 



Installing Software

Is also very important to ensure that multiple users are linked to the server or together depending on your hardware configuration. Our technicians will install the software on your server and each terminal where the IOA Software program will be used. It is critical that your database is backed up each day to minimize delays in your business. Please see hardware requirements and recommended setups for maximum performance, stability and security of data.



Install Software

Our technicians install IOA Software

on your server and terminals. 

Your Web Store

Is your very important presence on the World Wide Web. Our team of highly skilled technicians  will flavor your site to include your company colors, logos and other critical information that you wish to present  to your clients. Smart searching features make it easy for your new and existing clients to find all the products they need. Special products like toners and cartridges are easy to find through enhanced search capabilities built right into your new store.

Build Your Site 

Your corporate image is built

into your new Smart Web Store. 

Ready to Roll

Now that your customized web store is built, fully stocked with a complete selection of products, which just happens to link to and match the selection of products in the IOA Inventory Control Module you are ready and officially open for business on the World Wide Web.    Way To Go :)

As orders start to roll in from new clients, able to search and find your store, you can educate and encourage existing clients to start buying there also. A very important factor that most companies fail to recognize is that the cost to maintain your new Smart Web Store & Integrated Business Managment Solution is about half the cost of what you might pay an employee each year.Your Smart Solution can do the work of 100 people.


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