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Upgrades With Existing Modifications

           We are sure you know by now that all IOA Software Products, built on the Microsoft
Access platform, are fully modifiable or customizable. 

           If you are running an older version of IOA with or without source code there is a high
likelihood that modifications were made to the program by:

  • Staff member utilizing a full version of Microsoft Access would have had the ability to modify reports and /or queries.
  • Staff member utilizing a source code version of IOA would also have the ability to modify reports and /or queries. In addition special fields, tables and a variety of other modifications could have been made.
  • A 3rd party developer or company may have added to or changed the program significantly to provide for special requirements outside of the IOA standard features.

        Modifications may be difficult to recognize because if you were not party to the modification being provided or created then it would appear to be a standard feature of the software.

        We invite you to join our senior development team in a 2 way interactive session using
GOTOMEETING. During this session you can demonstrate how you use the software
day to day and our team will easily recognize whether or not modifications had
been made.

       Your existing modifications can be carried forward into your newer version of IOA but there
are 3 types of modifications to be concerned with:

       1.   Modifications that are still required that do not need to be changed in any way.

       2.   Modifications that need to be further modified.

       3.   Modifications that are no longer required. 

        It is possible however that you may require new modifications if so click below: