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“Being in a unique business in which we have 16,000 products and over 4,000 different customers, our technology is extremely important to our organization. We have used large providers which were very expensive, and we didn’t get any attention - phone calls did not get returned. We also tried other software providers that didn’t have the option to customize or get what we wanted, regardless of how much we were willing to spend.

      With IOA Software, we now have what we need. I have found the attention we get to be far above industry standards. Our questions or problems are answered promptly. 
     I feel that our company has tested all the waters when it comes to software. I believe that we have now found the best solution and we are proud to recommend and discuss IOA with anyone evaluating their software needs”  

​Ehren Madill / Owner
                                                 E. Madill Office Supplies

What is IOA Software?

 IOA software is a fully integrated windows based Inventory control software that was designed for the wholesale, retail & manufacturing industries.

IOA improves business insight, collaboration & efficiency.


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